Basic points of binary options trading

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What are the binary options?
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A new way of trading have appeared not so long ago, but quickly became one of the popular modern ways of earning money, so in this article we will speak about binary options trading. In this trade there are only two options for you to trade: call or put. All you should do to start is to predict further direction of the price movement and trade the call option if you think that the price will rise in a certain period of time or choose the put option if you think that it will go down. Comparatively with traditional forms of trading binary options trading has some advantages. In this kind of trading you potential of making money is more than 85% in the case of your winning. And another advantage is that time periods in such trading are extremely short, it means that you may win your money in less than a minute! Let’s consider more details of such trading.

Basic steps for beginners

Everybody can start a career in binary options trading but you shouldn’t forget that such trading is closely connected with high risk and as easy as you can win money you can lose them in a couple of minutes. The main point of this trading is to work up a correct decision and create a right prediction.

  • First thing that you need for your trading is a reliable trading platform. Nowadays there are many websites which offer you their trading platforms. These websites are called binary option brokers. All these brokers have their own facilities such as minimal deposit, bonuses and membership plans. You should pick up your broker only by yourself considering all its pros and cons. Do not choose a broker just because somebody advised this variant to you!
  • After you made your choice you should open your personal account. To get account you have to fill a special form entering your personal details and register yourself.
  • When getting your account every trader should invest amount of money which is equal or bigger than minimal deposit mentioned on the website of your broker.
  • Now you are fully equipped to start your trading.

Specialists advise every beginner to start from demo account. With its help you will get some practical experience and will not lose your investments because on this account you win or lose only virtual money. This account was created for those who have just started their trade and is like training before your real trading where you will be able to win or lose real money.

On the your broker’s trading platform you will notice such trading styles as high/low trading, one touch, boundary or 60 seconds trading. Most popular variants among them are high/low and 60 seconds trading. In the first case you should correctly predict will the movement of the price go up or down during certain period of time and in the 60 seconds trading you must do the correct prediction but your time limit is equal only one minute which allows you to get a profit in an extremely time period! If you face with some trading problems there are binary option robots and binary option signal on the trading platform of your broker to help you cope with these difficulties.

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