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Binary options brokers

Over the past few years, the binary trading revolution has exploded in the trading world and has attracted crowds of people. At present, it is almost impossible to find someone who does not know about trading binary options. Many people have already achieved their profession in this area, but there are still many people who have just decided to start and have a lot of unanswered questions. This article will serve as a guide for this people. We will try to answer common questions such as:

First, what is the binary medium?
What are the facilities for a trusted broker?
How can I regain confidence in my broker?
Can I change my broker and when?
We hope that after this article you will find it easier to classify the essence of trading binary options and make your first successful move. leave it!

Binary broker and what it is

The binary options broker lets you make your decisions and trade binary options. In fact, binary options represent a new type of asset that allows you to trade or rather expect the asset to rise or fall in a certain period of time and win money if you are right. This type of broker gives you different predictions you can use to invest your money. Each broker has set a set of rules on what forecasts you can make and the value of your returns if you win. In fact, each binary option represents an expectation of what can happen with the price of the asset.

There are two different types of brokers who trade in binary options:

1 Status: Binary options are provided directly by the broker

2 Status: Broker acts as an exchange of binary options.

We will consider both types:

Binary options are provided directly by the broker
A large portion of binary options are provided directly by intermediaries. These brokers determine which returns and forecasts can be offered to the trader. At this rate, you can determine which of these predictions and payments are most appropriate for you and choose the mix.

In this type of trading there is direct contact between you and your broker. Many traders doubt this cooperation because your broker is interested in your failure to get the money and you are on the other side. You may seem like a competitor to your broker, but in fact you are competing with other dealers, not with the broker, because if a trader wins money, then another trader certainly loses it.

In fact starting your deals with this broker who offers direct binary options is a very good idea to make money and succeed. A large part of all binary traders use this form to create their business.

The broker acts as an exchange of binary options
Due to government changes in the United States of America at present, brokers are prohibited from presenting their options directly to traders. Because of this fact, the business model was created by Nadex, a binary exchange company. Nadex’s work is based on the principles of the stock market. This company does not make trades in itself, it only makes communication between different traders. For example, I am a trader and I want to buy, and at the same time there is another trader who wants to sell something. In this case, the meeting brings us together and helps us reach a deal and finally reach a deal. As a result, both of us are satisfied, and exchange gets a part of every deal. Nadex converts these principles into binary option deals. It works the following way: When a trader predicts that the price will drop and invests money in this prediction, another Ndax predicts that the price will rise, once the correlation is established. As a result, these traders compete with each other. In the end one winner appears and Nadex gets her fee.

The most important thing in this system is that Nadex remains neutral. One of the most important advantages of this program is that NADEX offers higher payments and lower fees for each deal that attracts a lot of traders.

What are the facilities for a good broker?

In this section, it is important to note that in the United States there is one broker for legal binary options and this is Nadex. Not all other intermediaries are confirmed by the law and their work is actually illegal. It depends on what choice you make, but in case you cooperate with an illegal mediator who does not take any responsibility it can be risky.

In other countries there are no such strict rules about binary options brokers, so traders should choose intermediaries for some criteria that are important to them. Among these criteria can be the amount of payment, the minimum amount of investment and the reputation of the broker selected in the market.

How can I regain confidence in my broker?

Almost every novice asked himself a question, “How can I trust my mediator?” This question is very important and disturbs every trader at the beginning of his career. There is a very simple answer to this question – you must choose a reliable broker. The standard that allows you to evaluate intermediary means of reliability is the law.

At present, there are control organizations created by both the USA and the EU. These organizations provide oversight of financial institutions that separate legal institutions from those who would prefer not to make a deal with them. It is fairly clear that brokers who assert this system deserve to work and will surely keep your money safe without any problems. This guide will show you the basic difference: Brokers whose work has not been confirmed by the Control Corporation do not create a personal account for you. So all of your investments and those of other traders are in one place. It’s risky because if your trading platform fails, you’ll have big problems with withdrawing your money. By contrast, intermediaries whose actions have been confirmed by law create a separate personal account for you personally and in case of failure, you will get the money without any problems. In addition to all the above-mentioned legal professionals, we would like to add that you will be able to control the position of your broker in the financial market and will not exceed the moment when you need to find another broker because the financial position of a previous broker has worsened. Moreover you will keep your money under full control of the government and ensure that everything will be perfect.

In short, if you want to start trading responsibly and with serious intentions, you should definitely pick up a broker confirmed by the US and the EU. In this case you will get a really safe and reliable broker.

What are the facilities for a trusted broker?

To find reliable reliable broker reliable only half the work. Another important step is to find a safe broker that fits your personality and your requests. what do you mean? You may find a truly secure broker with good reputation and reviews, but the trading platform, assets or payments will not satisfy your claim. Your broker may be the best in the financial market, and his actions can be confirmed by law but what is the benefit if his actions are only available for trading late at night because the broker trades in European equities? Of course it would be nice if you could find all these utilities combined in one broker, but it happens very rarely. When you start trading binary options, each conscious trader should only pick up those facilities that suit him personally. Other than that with the world famous broker, you will not achieve great results and you get a big profit.

Thus, when choosing your broker, you will be interested in such moments as having a demo account, minimum investment value, availability of assets you wish to trade and high payments for the strategy you use in trading. These points are very important and each of them should suit you perfectly.

You want to experience trading with a world-known broker tried someone from TOP3 brokers. They are:

Option IQ, Nexus and 24option. The actions of these brokers are confirmed by law with thousands of users who have already made good profits through these trading platforms. If their offers suit your claim, this will be a great opportunity for you to get a quick start.

Can I change my broker and when?

As written above a good broker is a correct and direct way to achieve quick profits. But sometimes it happens that the famous and successful broker adjusts in one undesirable which can easily bring you big problems without even your knowledge. This situation can occur when your Realtor starts to get financial problems and his position in the financial market gets worse suddenly. Such changes lead to a major failure, so you should carefully monitor all changes associated with your broker’s position to protect yourself from total collapse with no money at all.

Cooperation with the mediator is always like long-standing relationships between lovers. In the same way that these usual relationships are difficult to change, it is difficult to change the medium, especially if it suits you perfectly and how you trade. Many traders are so stuck in their middle that they do not even want to notice that something is going wrong. They are always waiting until the last moment in the hope that everything will be modified but this is not happening and traders are turning to banks only because they have not found the strength and resolve to dismantle this cooperation and change the mediator in time. There are some tips that may help you to notice the first moment of anxiety.

The first “annoying buzz” is the refusal or reduction of payments.

It is obvious to all that in case of mistakes in your broker, the first person who will help you survive is you. You and other traders who use your broker also to conduct trades. How will this happen? The answer is simple: the broker will begin to reduce your returns or even in some cases you can refuse to pay you to carry your financial resources because of your income. These changes and reductions are always very small when you start to notice that they are too late. To protect yourself from such a bad situation, you have to pledge to calculate all your returns for some time, for example, for a month. When you begin to notice some inconsistencies in these amounts you must change the broker immediately to avoid losing all your money.

The second “annoying buzzer” is the appearance of asset diversity.

Each broker always has a set of assets that are displayed to the traders. At the same time, each trader at the broker’s choice directs attention primarily to the existence of some assets that he wishes to trade on the broker’s trading platform. Then the trader starts to work with the appropriate broker and trades only one asset used to him. After some financial changes in the broker’s business, the asset change begins or some of the assets are removed. It is inappropriate for those who get used to one particular origin and in most cases leads to complete failure. Some traders after these changes try themselves in the trading of some other assets but rarely end up with success. So if you do not find one among the others – do not choose anything else, it would be much better to change the broker and enter into trading using your assets but on another trading platform.

The third and fourth “alarm bell” is a low entry despite trading at a high level.

This tip is very similar to the first advice, but in this case it is almost impossible to understand why your monthly income changes if you have a large number of deals like last month for example. This happens because of the wily mediator. The broker can make changes you will not notice until you recalculate all sign-ins at the end of the month. Many transactions note that the number of trades has not changed and concluded that it is not necessary to calculate the final amount of money because it will be the same as before. But unfortunately not. Your broker can change the price of the asset or value of the return and you will not notice it. Therefore, you must have your trading diary and each month compare your income with the previous income month or even last year when the number of transactions is the same.

Plan B is necessary!

Every intelligent trader should always develop a “B” plan. This backup plan is that you should consider another good broker who also provides your requirements. In this case, if an error occurs, you will be able to change your current medium immediately without any problems related to the search and selection. So, do not be lazy and spend part of your spare time searching for this alternative. Remember, the more prepared you are to face unexpected adversities, the less money you will lose!