Basic moment of binary options trading

What are the binary options?
Assets: 250+
Min. Trade: $1
1 Day Payouts
*Return Rate: 92%
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Binary options trading is a good opportunity for you to make money in a short period of time and without leaving home. It is rather risky but very exciting way of trading which has become very popular in the modern world. Anybody can start trading this way, all you need is internet connection and some basic moments about the theory of binary options trading which we prepared for you in this article.

First thing that you should do

Firstly you need to create your personal account in a certain trading platform. To do this you must choose a binary options broker which will fit all your requirements. We recommend you to choose from trustable, well-known brokers to be sure that you will not have any problems with your trading. To create personal account you should enter some of your personal details to fill in the registration form. After this you will get an email with the secret password for secure access to your own account. When you create your account you must invest minimal deposit or greater amount to start trading. The value of the minimal deposit is always mentioned on the website of your broker. After all these preparations you are eventually fully equipped for trading. If you are a newcomer n binary options trading it will be good for you to start from demo account. This account allows you to try your trading and get some experience without losing money in the case of your failure. All money that you win or lose with demo account is not real, so you shouldn’t worry about losing all your investments in a few minutes.

Let’s start trading

When you get some experience and be ready to start your trades using real money here are some steps for you to do:

  • Go to the trading platform of your broker
  • Pick the most convenient trading type for you. For example you may choose high/low, 60 seconds or boundary trading types. The most common type from them is high/low trading type where you should make the correct prediction about further direction of price movement. All you should predict will it be higher or lower than a current level.
  • Select the asset which will fit you among the other assets which are offered by your binary options broker.
  • After making your selection in the previous point, you will see the percentage of your investment that you get in the case of your winning.
  • Make your decision, choose the expiry date, enter certain amount of money that you want to invest and wait until it ends to see if your prediction was right or not.
  • In the case of your winning you will get from 85 to 92% percentage depending on your broker but if your prediction was wrong you will lose all your money.

It is very simple but rather risky way of making money but if you will learn a lot and try a lot you undoubtedly will succeed in it.

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