Way of earning money by binary options trading is famous because of its incredibly high profits for very short periods of time. This trading type offers you several different tools to let you win regardless any financial market situation. In this article you will read about well-known types of such kind of trading. These types are the best choice for you to invest your money in.

Main types of binary options trading

  • First type-high/low. Such type of binary options trade is also known among traders as the basic type. You will face it when you just start your trade in binary options trading platform. In High/Low trading type you should accurately predict the further direction of the movement of price level in a specific period of time. This period of time is known as the expiration time and you should choose it duration by yourself. Expiration time may vary from some minutes to the whole day and it depends only from you which duration you will choose. In short all your predictions in such type consist of just two variants. You may choose High option when you are totally sure that the price level will rise up or you may choose the Low option in the case when you are sure that it will go down. After making your choice and selection of the duration of expiration time all you need to do is to wait until it ends. If your prediction was right you get from 80 to 92% profit. This value depends on your own broker’s conditions. This type is very safe and provides you with rather high winning percentage. Due to this fact payouts in this type are the lowest among other types because it is almost no risk for you in this type.
  • Second type -30 or 60 seconds options. Such type of trading is the variation of the previously mentioned high/low type. All your actions and predictions should be the same only expiration time is equal to 60 or 30 seconds automatically. This trading type is the best opportunity to get high profit in an extremely short time.
  • Third type -touch/no touch options. This type is similar to previous type but it is more advanced. In touch/no touch option you must make a prediction about will the level of the price go up or down and also how far it will go. Usually a certain target price exists in such type of trading. You should predict if the level of the current price will touch the line of this target price or no at the expiration time. In case if your predictions were correct you get very high profit comparable with your investments but if you get failure you will lose all money that you invested before. The main excellence of trade by boundary options is the fact that one touch will be enough for your winning. Thus if the level of price have touched the line of target price and then climbed down you will win your profit. Variant of no touch options are the complete opposite of the before mentioned touch options. In such situation you should correctly work out the right prediction that the level of price will not touch the target price level. Such type is simpler and less risky than the touch type. Because of this fact its payouts are significantly lower than in touch options.

Fourth type-boundary options. It is very similar to the previous type but it is a little bit trickier. There are two target lines of the price instead of one. They are different-one of them is below the current level of price while one is above it. Using this type you should predict will the current level of price stay in this tube at the expiration time or no. Payouts of boundary type in binary options trading are bigger than in the high/low type but smaller than in touch/no touch type, actually it usually depends on the situation in the financial market. Boundary options type of trade is a great variant for those who expect a significant change of the price level but don’t know for sure will it rise or fall. It happens when some important documents are signed or when annual reports are published. This situation at the market is an excellent opportunity for you to use boundary options and win lots of money in binary options trading.