Nowadays it is hard to find an adult who have never heard about binary options trading. This unique branch of traditional trading has appeared not so long ago and conquered the entire world by its simplicity and high percentage of winning. The most interesting feature of binary options trading is the 60 seconds trading. It is the shortest period for which you can make your asset and in the case of your winning get a profit in less than a minute. This type of trading you can find in almost everyone broker in their trading platforms. 60 seconds option attracts crowd of people because of its high risk at the same time with high and fast winnings. In this article you will read the short overview on the concept of 60 seconds trading and some strategies for getting success in this option.

Concept of 60 seconds trading

If you have decided to try 60 seconds trading you are able to make the correct prediction if the price level would be higher or lower than the current level of the price after the expiration of 60 seconds. It is very easy and it gives you high percentage of winnings because of its extremely short period of time.

Preparations for 60 seconds trading

To use the 60 seconds trading mode firstly you should find a reliable broker and use its trading platform for your trade. After choosing you have to create your personal account by filling in some special form with your personal details. Only after such preparations you will be able to make your predictions and to use this mode. Also before starting your trade you should select an asset that you want to trade among other assets which are offered you by the chosen broker. The most common variant in 60 seconds trading is currency pair but you may choose another asset.

How to trade?

After you made your choice about an asset you have to work out the right decision about the further movement of current level of the price. To predict this movement you have only two variants to choose from: you may choose High option if you think that the price level will rise up or choose Low option if you think that the level will go down. After it you must invest certain amount of money to trade. The important moment is that this amount must be equal or bigger than the minimal deposit which is mentioned in your brokers’ trading platform. If your amount is less than that value you will not be able to trade. So, be attentive!

In the 60 seconds option you don’t have to choose the expiry period because in this trading type it is always equal 60 seconds. Thus after investing your money and making a prediction you can start trading. In the case of winning you will get from 85 to 92% profit depending from your broker’s conditions, but if you fail you will lose all your investments.

Strategy for the 60 seconds mode


In the 60 seconds type of trading payouts are always bigger comparable with high/low type of trading because of high level of risk in this option. It is hard to develop a certain strategy for such short time period, but there are some. We prepared one strategy for you to get success in 60 options trading. It is called the double up strategy. Here are the steps for its realization:

  • Choose an asset which provides you with high payout
  • Trade a small amount of money by choosing high/low variant.
  • If you get win double your amount and keep trading. The point of such strategy is that if you lose your amount double so that if you win the next time you can get back your lost money.
  • Keep trading by doubling your investments till you get win.

The important thing you should remember is that you must have rather big deposit amount to make such method work effectively.