Binary options trading in the last few years has developed greatly involving more and more traders by its high profits and simple concepts. Due to this fast spreading the strong rivalry between brokers has appeared. Every broker wants its trading platform to become the most popular and reliable among traders. Just because this reason in the world of binary options trading appeared such service as bonuses. This option have become very popular among the traders and brought a lot of clients to brokers who had it.

What is it?

In general bonus allows traders to get rather big amount of money for free. How does it work? You can get a bonus when you have filled in a registration form on your brokers’ trading platform. It is a certain amount of money which you are gifted for your registration and getting account in binary options trading platform. This bonus may have no limits till you invest your first deposit or it may influence on your subsequent investments. All this niceties depend on your broker and are always mentioned on its website. Basically bonuses are different from each other on different trading platforms. For example on one website you may find bonuses and on other it may be fixed percentage on your investment. The main point is that bonuses always depend on your membership plan.

Most often brokers offer you the same value of money as you have deposited by way of sign up bonus.

How you can get your binary options bonus

To claim you bonus is not always as simple as it seems at the first view. It doesn’t mean that you will get your bonus only for registration. In the most cases there are some special conditions which you have to do to get your free amount of money and these conditions are not simple. So, be ready that it will not be so easy to claim your bonus right after signing up. Here are some conditions as an example for you:

  • First condition is that you are obliged to trade some certain amount of money on your brokers’ trading platform before you will be able to get your bonus. And the main thing is that this amount of money is always about 50 or even more times bigger than your first deposit. So, if you have deposited 200$ be ready that you are required to invest nearly 10.000$ to claim your bonus.
  • Second important moment is that you have to trade certain amount of money which was mentioned in the previous point for a limited period of time. More often this period equals from 2 to 3 months and if you do not have time to invest this volume during this period you will have to start from the beginning and collect this investments volume again to get your bonus.
  • The last condition is that you will not have to make your withdrawal until you implement all required conditions for getting bonus. Only after carrying out all requirements and conditions you will be able to withdraw your winnings together with bonus from your broker.

In conclusion we want to advice you choose your broker not only because of good bonus conditions but also for its other important features.